Documentaries on the subject of offshore radio history


In 1970, Casey Kasem introduced the radio show American Top 40 (AT40). It was a syndicated broadcast distributed to radio stations in the United States, Canada, Australia, Philippines, China, India, Great Britain, Malaysia and many other places around the globe. As the name suggests the program had a countdown playing the fourty most popular songs in the U.S. according to the Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart. The most important with Casey Kasem as a deejay was his anecdotes about the artists and songs that were played. Behind him he had an editorial with, in its peak, a total of 8 employees.
From its inception in 1970 the duration of the show was 3 hours. In the late 1970’s the program was prolonged up to 4 hours to reflect the longer playing time of the music of those days.
Billboard's Hot 100 was concidered the given industry standard for specifying the most popular songs for AT40 through the first years. In the second half of the seventies the hit music was so changed, resulting in an increasing specialization in formats on the radio stations. Dissatisfaction grew between the radio stations when AT40 continued to reflect the many different styles and formats on the hot 100 list. Later, this lead to the result that the Hot 100 chart was replaced by the Billboard’s Radio and Records list.


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